Cubers Anonymous – Magic Online Cube Draft #2

Welcome to another video edition of Cubers Anonymous. Which archetype will Justin Parnell draft this time? Learn more about Magic Online Cube!

Welcome to another video edition of Cubers Anonymous. This time I have a better handle on Magic Online and therefore make less timing/clicking/stop-setting errors. Well, by 10% at least. Again, for those playing drinking games at home the keyword is "reasonable."

Draft and Deckbuilding

Round 1

Round 2

In before "you could have won that last game!" Indeed, if I played that Mox Diamond a turn earlier I would’ve had a very key Tectonic Edge, which would have turned the game in a favorable direction. Or if I hadn’t fought the Graveborn Muse with my Werewolf, but that was the correct choice that turned out to be the wrong play. Also, I had four misplays in game 2 but wasn’t punished by them.

Thanks for joining me again today, and be sure to check out Episode 2.1 of the Custom Cube Project videos by my friend Mike Mirrielees. Episodes 2.2 and 2.3 are coming soon, so keep checking back on his Seems Good Radio TV YouTube page.

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