Cubers Anonymous – Magic Online Cube Draft #1

Welcome to the first (but not last) mostly video edition of Cubers Anonymous. Justin Parnell guides you through his first cube draft in his return to Magic Online.

Welcome to the first (but not last) mostly video edition of Cubers Anonymous. Normally I won’t add a text portion to accompany the video, as I’ll say plenty in there. But since today is the first video I’ve done, I wanted to get a few things out there before we jump in.

Not only is this my first Magic Online cube draft, this is my first time playing Magic Online since Champions of Kamigawa came out, and even then I had slowed down quite a bit. It’ll become painfully obvious that I hardly know how to operate this program, and I definitely struggle (understatement) through this first draft. I’m not going to make Magic Online a regular thing for me, as a large portion of my love for Magic and Cube in particular comes in the form of human interaction and reaction, which as everyone knows is pretty slim in the digital world. Only Cube Drafting could lure me into the world of Magic Online, and despite my horrific operation of a largely non-intuitive program, I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy myself.

This is also my first time recording a video like this, so take it easy on me for this first set of videos.

So without further ado, let’s do this thing. Oh, and for those of you that like to play drinking games, “reasonable” is the trigger word.

I was foolish to not do a Swiss draft instead of an 8-4 for my very first one, and it clearly showed. This first outing was rough and ripe with misclicks (and more notably, not knowing how to set my stops up), so I’ll chalk it up as more of a learning experience than anything. My mediocre deck didn’t help things either.

Hope everyone enjoyed themselves, because I’ve got a few more videos in the bank to break out later (spoiler alert: no more round one loses and guaranteed 10% less misclicks) for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for reading and watching!

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