Countdown To Grand Prix Washington DC: Today – Final Announcements!

Cedric Phillips needs your attention for the final time! As we speak, #GPDC’s doors are beckoning you and your allies! Have an unforgettable weekend everyone!

Grand Prix Washington, DC: March 11-13!

Welcome back to the Grand Prix Washington DC countdown blog! Yesterday, I introduced you to some of the wonderful food options that the nation’s capital has available to make your belly very happy during your time at Grand Prix Washington DC. Whether you love classic American or innovative takes on Greek, Washington DC’s food options are plentiful, so you’ll certainly find something you like.

So what’s on tap for today? Just a few housekeeping notes right before the big show!

Maximum Main Event Seating Capacity Increased

This one is from the President of StarCityGames.com, Pete Hoefling:

Based on the current number of registered players, rate of registration and projections based on previous Grand Prix, Wizards of the Coast has approved Star City Events to increase #GPDC’s maximum main event seating capacity from 4,500 players to 5,400 players!

Although the #GPDC event hall was always able to comfortably accommodate a maximum main event seating capacity of this size (using all 8′ x 30″ tables with players seated no more six to a table), the maximum main event seating capacity we initially submitted was based on projections which have turned out to be far too low. Staffing has also been increased accordingly, in order to ensure that an increased attendance doesn’t come at the expense of a quality player experience.

Speaking of attendance, 2013’s #‎GPVegas had an official attendance of 4,492 players and 2015’s #GPVegas was run as two separate Grand Prix (with official attendances of 3,857 and 3,680). At this point, there is a very real possibility of #GPDC shattering the previous record and becoming the single largest individual Magic: The Gathering event of all time.

But while that record is possible, the fun is guaranteed!

So gather your allies and register for March 11th-13th’s #GPDC at www.starcitygames.com/gpdc today!

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. This thing is going to be huge!

Rock n Roll Marathon Series

On Saturday, the Rock n Roll Marathon Series will be coming through Washington DC. For those unfamiliar, this marathon is a big deal, so your travel plans will almost certainly be affected. I implore you to plan accordingly (read: leave earlier than you normally would), as many roads will be closed for most of the morning.

Daylight Savings Time

During Grand Prix Washington DC, prepare to have an hour of sleep ripped away from you. On Sunday, March 13 at 2:00am, the clocks will move an hour forward due to Daylight Savings Time. Most modern devices will move an hour forward on their own, but some will require a manual adjustment. More than anything, I am mentioning this for when you’re planning your Sunday, as I wouldn’t want you to miss a side event or the worst-case scenario – being an hour late for Day 2 of the main event.

Are You Ready?!