Countdown To Grand Prix Washington DC: 8 Days Out – Side Event Information!

Even if you’re not battling with your allies in the main event, there’s still plenty of action to be had on the fringes! Cedric Phillips has all the details to get you having plenty of Magic fun next weekend!

Welcome back to the Grand Prix Washington DC countdown blog! Yesterday, I went over everything related to the main event of Grand Prix Washington DC. From how to register, the maximum main event seating capacity, and all of the prizes available, everyone should now have a better idea of what the main event is all about during March 11-13.

But there are many people who aren’t interested in the main event at Grand Prix Washington DC. Whether you prefer to fly solo at tournaments, don’t enjoy massive ones like what the main event is shaping up to be or simply can’t dedicate the entire weekend to playing your favorite card game, Grand Prix Washington DC’s side event schedule has something that will fit your schedule. So let’s take a look!

Friday Side Events

So you’re looking to get your Magic playing started early during your stay in the nation’s capital? Well, that’s a decision I can get behind! The hall opens at 10:00 on Friday morning for Grand Prix Washington DC, so stop on by after a hearty breakfast and get prepared to battle. With Challenge events beginning at 11:00am, a Team Sealed Spectacular starting at noon, and the incredibly popular Foiled Again! taking place at 6:00pm, there will be plenty to do all Friday long for those getting to Grand Prix Washington DC a little early.

Here’s the complete schedule of Friday’s side events:

Saturday Side Events

So playing all day Friday just wasn’t enough for ya, huh? I like your style and that’s why we’ve got even more side events for you on Saturday. First things first, the hall opens at 8:00am on Saturday for Grand Prix Washington DC, not 10:00am like it did on Friday, so prepare accordingly. And what are you preparing for? A boatload of Challenge events being run all day long, the Two-Headed Giant Sealed Spectacular at 2:00pm, and the Team Sealed Rebound at 4:00pm for those who had a main event that didn’t go as planned. Suffice it to say that Saturday has no shortage of things to do.

Here’s the complete schedule of Saturday’s side events:

Sunday Side Events

So how are you holding up? Still got another full day of Magic left in you? That’s great, because we’ve got another full day of side events left in us! Like Saturday, the hall opens at 8:00am on Sunday for Grand Prix Washington DC. And just like Saturday, we’ve got a ton of Challenge events that will be running all day long on Sunday. So what’s different about Sunday? The Super Sunday Series that takes place at 9:00am and not one but two StarCityGames.com Super Invitational Qualifiers that take place at 9:00am and 10:00am respectively. So if you’re looking to win a trip to Wizards of the Coast for the Super Sunday Series Finale or looking to start your journey to qualify for the StarCityGames.com Players’ Championship, Sunday is a day you simply cannot miss.

Here’s the complete schedule of Sunday’s side events:

Even More To Do

Now that we’ve gone over the schedule of side events for Grand Prix Washington DC, it’s time to go over the unique events that have schedules of their own. First up is the Command Zone for those taking part in the Commander Celebration:

Next up is the schedule for On-Demand events:

And lastly is a little more information about the On-Demand events at Grand Prix Washington DC:

What Tomorrow Brings

Now that you know everything that’s related to the side events of Grand Prix Washington DC, it’s time for me to start introducing you to our special guests who will be in attendance. And who better to start with than our guest of honor, Terese Nielsen? I’ll be back here tomorrow to tell you all about the woman behind some of Magic’s most famous artwork. See ya then!

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