Countdown To Grand Prix Orlando: Final Thoughts!

The Grand Prix Orlando festivities have begun! Cedric Phillips offers up some last-minute info for attendees, including info about your DCI numbers! Have fun, everyone!

Grand Prix Orlando March 24-26!

Welcome back to the Grand Prix Louisville countdown blog! Yesterday, I introduced you to some of the wonderful food options that The City Beautiful has available to make your belly very happy during your time at Grand Prix Orlando. Whether you love perfectly built hamburgers or delicious cronuts, Orlando’s food options are plentiful, so you’ll certainly find something you like.

So what’s on tap for today? Just a single housekeeping note right before the big show!

DCI Number Updates

Earlier this month, Wizards of the Coast published two articles about changes that they’re making to their systems and how they will handle DCI numbers moving forward. The short version of what they’re doing is:

we’re updating how our system deals with your DCI number, the number you give to tournament organizers and stores when you go to play in a Magic tournament. This update is a stepping stone for future planned enhancements to our event management and player account systems.

For most players, this change will be invisible. You’ll continue using your DCI number for tournaments. If you know your DCI number and you have a Wizards Account already, this will not affect you. Your play history and DCI number will be unaffected regardless—we are not deleting any DCI numbers or play histories from our system.

So how does this affect those attending Grand Prix Orlando? As long as you know your DCI number, it doesn’t. If you don’t know your DCI number, please see to a member of our on-site Customer Service team and we will do our best to assist you.

Past that, you can find out more here and here about this change and how to prepare yourself accordingly.

Are You Ready?!