Countdown To Grand Prix Atlanta: 10 Days Out – Choosing Your Experience!

How do you want to enjoy Grand Prix Atlanta? No matter what your Magic goals are for the weekend, SCG has the option for you! Nick Miller breaks down your choices for the festivities here!

Welcome to the second part of the Grand Prix Atlanta countdown blog! Today I’m going over the options available for you to choose your own experience and
the registration rewards that come with them. With our new registration system, you decide on your experience and the rewards you get. Let’s check them out!

Main Event Experience

Looking to compete with some of the game’s best and put your Battle for Zendikar Limited skills to the test? Look no further. With the Main Event
Experience, your basic rewards package comes equipped with six booster packs of Battle for Zendikar to lead you through Day 1 of the Sealed
portion. Your hopes of qualifying for Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch on Feb. 5-7 in Atlanta starts here!

Your remaining awards include the beautiful Seek the Wilds playmat, a StarCityGames.com deck box, a set of SCGLive trading cards, an exclusive Griselbrand
foil promotional card, and a voucher for one month of free StarCityGames.com Premium.

A Sealed pool registration upgrade is available for those playing in the Main Event, including a preregistered Sealed pool, a Sleep-In Special for those
players who have byes, and the ability to pick up all registration rewards at any time.

3-Day Commander Celebration

Select this option if you’re coming to Grand Prix Atlanta to celebrate everyone’s favorite 100-card format! This experience gets you everything you need to
enjoy three jammed-packed days of Commander. This package includes a Seek the Wilds playmat, a set of SCGLive trading cards, a voucher for one month of
free StarCityGames.com Premium, the ability to pick up all registration rewards at any time, and adds in much more.

Exclusive rewards available to the Commander Celebration Experience include: access to the Command Zone and the Commander Celebration concierge,
commemorative badge and lanyard featuring Zur the Enchanter, eight free 4-player Commander on-demand event vouchers, entry into all six Swiss-format
Commander events, and a digital copy of “The Complete Commander” by Bennie Smith and MJ Scott.

For players only able to make it to Grand Prix Atlanta for part of the weekend, a 1-Day Commander Celebration Experience is also available. Choosing a
Commander Celebration Experience also helps out a good cause as a portion of all proceeds will be applied directly toward Danny West’s outstanding cancer
treatment bills.

3-Day Infinite Challenge Experience

A third option is offered for those who want to play as many Swiss-style Challenge events as possible, including Sealed events. Whether you want to play
Standard, Modern, Legacy, Sealed, or even Vintage, the Infinite Challenge experience has got you covered for as much Magic as you can handle. There are 20
scheduled Challenge events over the weekend, and you get to pick and choose from them all to make Grand Prix Atlanta your very own experience.

The 3-Day Infinite Challenge rewards include entry into all Challenge events, a commemorative badge and lanyard, a Seek the Wilds playmat, a set of SCGLive
trading cards, a voucher for one month of free StarCityGames.com Premium, and the ability to pick up all registration rewards at any time.

Just like the Commander Celebration Experience, a 1-Day Infinite Challenge option is also available.


No matter what experience you choose for Grand Prix Atlanta, there are three types of upgrades available to round out your rewards. The Sealed Pool
Registration upgrade was already covered in the Main Event Experience, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Premium Rewards Upgrade starts off with the benefits of the Sealed Pool Registration and adds on a whole lot more. This reward package comes with the
Zur the Enchanter playmat and pin, an exclusive Seek the Wilds pin, two free 8-player on-demand event vouchers, a set of SCGLive foil trading cards, and
ups the voucher for StarCityGames.com Premium to a full year.

Finally, the VIP Rewards Upgrade takes everything from the Sealed Pool Registration and the Premium Rewards Upgrades and goes even bigger. Being a VIP is
the only way to get the exclusive set of five Commander 2015 pins, a StarCityGames.com water bottle, and all the perks of being a VIP.

VIPs get a commemorative VIP badge and lanyard that gets them access to the VIP seating area with water stations with unlimited refills, access to phone
and electronic charging stations, private pairings boards, access to exclusive side event registration area, access to the VIP concierge, and for the first
time, access to an exclusive coverage viewing area!

For more information on all the upgrade specifics, check out Ken Crocker’s blog tomorrow!

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