Blog Elemental — I Did That! ME! MEEEEE!

Here is the list of cards for which I can take credit in Fifth Dawn.

Blog Elemental – I Did That! ME! MEEEEE!

June 7, 2004

Unlike Magic card design, credit for names and flavor text isn’t terribly difficult to determine. It may not be quite as clear-cut as a card’s artist, but writers get paid by the number of names and pieces of flavor text accepted for each set.

If you missed it from my mtg.com article today, here is the list of cards for which I can take credit in Fifth Dawn:

Card names: Abuna’s Chant; Battered Golem; Blind Creeper; Bringer of the Black Dawn; Bringer of the Blue Dawn; Bringer of the Green Dawn; Bringer of the Red Dawn; Bringer of the White Dawn; Conjurer’s Bauble; Ebon Drake; Fist of Suns; Goblin Brawler; Grafted Wargear; Guardian Idol; Ion Storm; Lantern of Insight; Leonin Squire; Neurok Stealthsuit; Possessed Portal; Retaliate; Skyhunter Prowler; Steelshaper’s Gift; Suncrusher; Tel-Jilad Justice; Fill with Fright; Joiner Adept; Roar of Reclamation.

Flavor text: Arachnoid; Auriok Windwalker; Blind Creeper; Channel the Suns; Circle of Protection: Artifacts; Devour in Shadow; Fold into Aether; Gemstone Array; Loxodon Anchorite; Moriok Rigger; Night’s Whisper; Retaliate; Roar of Reclamation; Skyhunter Skirmisher; Viridian Lorebearers.

There are also some cards I desperately wanted to name but my submissions weren’t accepted. For legal reasons, I can’t say what I submitted for cards like Relentless Rats and Endless Whispers, but trust me when I say they were Friggin’ Brilliant! Or, at least, I liked them a lot.

For those keeping score at home, there are three cards with both my name and flavor text stamp: Blind Creeper, Retaliate, and Roar of Reclamation. I was trying to figure out how to mark my special affinity for these cards, something better than just owning them and something less than tattoos.

Then a very cool person gives me all the cards with my flavor text as foils, along with a set of Bringers. Man, I love my life. I tell you, this whole gig feels too good to be true. Someday I’m going to give Aaron Forsythe and Brandon Bozzi a big wet kiss on the lips. [Note to self: Don’t give JMS any jobs. – Knut]