Ask Ken, 08/02/2004

What is your take on Darksteel Pendant in Limited?

Avoid the Clappe. – Jimmy Dugan

Hey, that’s good advice. Speaking of advice, this is Ask Ken. I’m your host, Ken Krouner. I know you all tuned in today to hear an exciting question, so I won’t keep you in suspense any longer.

Today’s letter comes to us from Sebastian Smith. Sebastian writes:

What’s your take on Darksteel Pendant in Limited? I didn’t think much of it at first, but I lost a match this weekend because my opponent used it to dig through his deck and find the one card he needed to save himself. It seems like having a permanent scry every turn is good, but is it better than having another good creature or spell?


Well Seb, This is an age-old question. This was asked of the pros at Pro Tour: Amsterdam, and the decision was pretty split. I was shocked and appalled at this. I don’t think Darksteel Pendant is even worth taking as a late pick, I’d rather have a situational sideboard card like Nourish than Darksteel Pendant. I realize that there are times when this card can be good, but I can’t see it.

This card, when you draw it, is essentially a mulligan. You are giving up a card to improve your card quality. That is precisely what a mulligan is. Now, I am the world’s biggest mulligan advocate, and I still hate this card. Why? The reason I hate it is that unlike a mulligan the first use costs three and it costs one for every use after that. Moreover, you aren’t getting six new cards – you are getting one for each activation.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again: I use my mana every turn in this format, and so should you.

The source of mulligans, both mid-game and pre-game,


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