Why You Should Play Temur Reclamation In The Historic Arena Open

GerryT wants to cast Wilderness Reclamation everywhere it is legal, and that includes Historic! Get his latest list and sideboarding guide.

Magmaquake, illustrated by Gabor Szikszai

While initially considered to be something of a "fake" format, Historic is now a very real part of Organized Play. With the Historic Arena Open, many people have started taking a closer look at the format, myself included. 

Awkwardly, the banning of Nexus of Fate might have accidentally encouraged people to build better decks. Temur Reclamation currently sits at the top of the metagame and for good reason. There's no deck I'd rather be playing at the moment. Everyone will be out to get you but that's because Temur Reclamation is the best deck by a wide margin.

This is my personal decklist and what I would recommend. This isn't much different than Core Set 2021's Standard's version of Temur Reclamation, except that Explore provides additional consistency, Field of the Dead provides offense and defense, and Magmaquake solves the rest of the problems. In Historic, Temur Reclamation is truly a monster. 

Field of the Dead gives the deck a low-opportunity-cost win condition, so there's very little need for an additional backup . . .

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