Lofty Denial Is Ready To Bring Flash Decks To Pioneer

Ross Merriam sees a stale Pioneer metagame as a chance to innovate! See how he wants to use Lofty Denial to shake up the format.

Lofty Denial
Lofty Denial, illustrated by Manuel Castañón

Pioneer has been taking a lot of flak recently. The former darling of the competitive community has come full circle and is now the target of many a Twitter barb, especially after last Sunday's Pioneer Challenge on Magic Online (MTGO) failed to get the necessary number of entrants to fire.

Simply put, the Pioneer metagame has grown stale. The shakeup from companions has come and gone, and we're back to where the metagame was following Theros Beyond Death, with Dimir Inverter, Mono-White Devotion, Lotus Breach, and Sultai Delirium ruling over the metagame and a few other decks sitting on the fringe. After the opening phase of the format where bans happened almost weekly, it seems as though Wizards of the Coast (WotC) is exercising extreme restraint in taking further action, even though the calls for banning Inverter of Truth, Dig Through Time, Underworld Breach, and even Walking Ballista grow louder.

But the current state of Pioneer is calling me, challenging me to innovate. Because when I see stagnant metagames, I see opportunity. Everyone playing Pioneer right . . .

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