Living End, Not Crashcade, Is Modern’s Best Cascade Deck

Last week, Ross Merriam made the argument for Crashcade as Modern’s premiere Cascade deck. Today, Ari Lax fires back on behalf of all Living End fans.

Living End, illustrated by Greg Staples

My fellow writers have absolutely no respect for Living End.


Ross wrote an entire article bashing the deck as the subpar cousin of Temur Crashcade.


Gerry put it in the same tier as Gruul. When was the last time more than one Gruul deck did good in a weekend? Or even a calendar month?

Listen, I get the numbers point towards Temur Crashcasde. It has noticeably more Top 8 finishes over the last month.

But Ross and Gerry did Living End dirty. Living End is regularly winning major events, putting up reliable results, and is clearly one of the premier decks of Modern right now. The deck is absurdly powerful, and dismissing it as a worse Temur Crashcade is the kind of disrespect that will lose you matches.

Ross laid out three points: Crashcade interacts earlier and more, it can play through hate, and is more flexible. He's not wrong, he's just not making relevant points.

Here are the . . .

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