First Impressions Of Core Set 2021 Standard From The Early Access Event

MPL member Autumn Burchett saw plenty during the Early Access Event for Core Set 2021! They break down key cards and the emerging metagame.

Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose, illustrated by Lie Setiawan

From the moment the Early Access Streamer Event for Core Set 2021 went live, I was jamming as many games as I could possibly fit in, trying to learn as much as possible about this new set and its role in Standard. Here are all my early impressions of the set after several hours of playing with and against these new cards.

First things first: I should talk about the card I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. When I wrote that article, Stormwing Entity seemed like a promising, exciting design, but I wasn't sure if the power level was quite there; having seen the card in action, I can say it absolutely is. I tried it in multiple shells throughout the event where it consistently costed two mana whenever I wanted it to, and the body and scrys were as solid as I'd hoped, but I really underestimated how powerful prowess is on Stormwing Entity. It will often be attacking with five evasive power . . .

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