Everything I Know About Grixis Death’s Shadow (Lurrus) In Modern

Corey Baumeister piloted Grixis Death’s Shadow to a 7-0-1 record on his way to winning the SCG Invitational. He gives his latest list of this top Modern MTG deck and an extensive sideboarding guide.

Death’s Shadow, illustrated by Howard Lyon

What's up everyone, Corey "Dropping Baums" Baumeister here, and today I'm getting my text game on. I don't normally write articles, but I also don't normally win SCG Invitationals, so here we are! It's time to talk about my favorite Modern deck — Grixis Death's Shadow (Lurrus).

To kick things off, I want to first take a look at where my list was for the SCG Invitational last month and then where I'm heading for the Modern event at MTG Las Vegas this weekend.

This version of Grixis Death's Shadow absolutely carried me during the Swiss rounds of the SCG Invitational, rewarding me with a 7-0-1 record, which I desperately needed with my 5-3 finish in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Standard.

Now I did run hotter than the sun at the tournament, which anyone needs to have happen on the journey to win a big event. But besides some luck during my matches, I also got lucky that Grixis Death's Shadow (Lurrus) wasn't a respected archetype going into the tournament. 

Well, it is now! 

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