AuthorCorey Baumeister

Corey Baumeister is best known for his Standard prowess and became a household name after his utter domination on the Grand Prix circuit in 2017 with a win at Grand Prix New Jersey as well as making the Top 8 of the next four Standard Grand Prixs. Corey’s winning ways don't stop at the GP stage however, as he has racked up three Top 32 finishes at Pro Tour/Mythic Championship level events and combines forces with Brad Nelson and Brian Braun-Duin to bring his fans the Bash Bros podcast weekly.

VS Live! Sizzling Strixhaven Standard

Corey Baumeister and Ross Merriam continue exploring Strixhaven Standard with decks from SCG creators, top online minds, and their imaginations.

VS Live: Innovating Strixhaven Standard

Will one of these contenders become the next Tier 1 deck? Join Ross Merriam and Corey Baumeister as they playtest six unique Standard brews from around the MTG sphere!

Kaldheim Exit Interview: Modern

One Kaldheim card got banned in Modern. Another forced a rules change. Did Tibalt or his Trickery come out on top after all the votes were counted?