Establishing The Tiers Of Adventures In The Forgotten Realms Standard

What are the true tiers of the Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Standard metagame? Magic World Champion PVDDR sorts his list of top decks.

Emergent Ultimatum, illustrated by Zack Stella

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Standard is a wide-open format, and there are many decks that you can play and do well with. Today I’m going to split the best decks into three tiers and give my reasons for why I think these decks are particularly good or bad right now. 

Tier 1

Tier 1 decks are the ones that I believe are always going to be a good choice. They're inherently powerful and do not require a particular metagame to succeed. 

Sultai Ramp (Yorion)

  • Good versus: Decks that can’t pressure you very well (Naya Adventures, Rakdos Sacrifice, Izzet Dragons❄).
  • Bad versus: Aggro decks with disruption (Mono-White Aggro❄, Dimir Rogues).

As a general rule, Sultai Ramp (Yorion) is very much in the middle with its matchups. Few matchups are very good or very bad (in fact I would argue that not a single matchup is very bad, which is one of the biggest strengths of this deck). The Izzet Dragons❄ matchup in particular is a point of contention, but given that in theory it seems like it should be good for you and in practice I beat the deck most times I play it, I feel comfortable saying I think it’s a good matchup.

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