Izzet Dragons❄ Is The Big Winner In Standard Thanks To Adventures In The Forgotten Realms

Izzet Dragons❄ has the power to compete in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Standard and MTG Arena’s Standard 2022. World Champion PVDDR shares his builds for both formats.

Goldspan Dragon, illustrated by Andrew Mar

Standard has been a relatively stale format for a while, and the top decks have mostly remained the same for the past couple of months. Strixhaven didn’t shake things up very much, but it did bring one new deck that managed to infiltrate the format - Izzet Dragons❄. Personally, I was not a big fan of the deck when it came out, but I believe that, of all the decks that are currently viable in Standard, this deck gains the most from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, and that makes it worth revisiting. As a starting point, let’s take Andrea Mengucci’s MPL list:

Izzet Dragons❄ plays radically differently depending on what you are playing against. If you’re playing against a creature deck (such as Mono-White Aggro❄ or Mono-Red Aggro❄), you’re mostly a midrange deck with cheap removal; four copies of Frost Bite and four copies of Bonecrusher Giant and Brazen Borrower give you time to deploy your Dragons and stabilize, until eventually you cast Alrund’s Epiphany and win. 

If you're playing against a control deck like Sultai Ramp (Yorion), you either operate as a tempo deck (cast a couple of Brazen Borrowers / Bonecrusher Giants and sit on counterspells) or you play similarly to a combo deck. The Sultai decks have a lot of removal and you can’t fight on your turn, so sometimes you can’t just ride your three-drop to victory, which means the goal becomes to set up a scenario where you can cast Goldspan Dragon and then counter whatever they cast the following turn, which hopefully translates into a win through Alrund’s Epiphany while they're tapped out.

There are many different ways of building this deck depending on what you're expecting. Andrea expected a heavy control field, so he played four copies of Mazemind’s Tome, for example, but you could swap some of them and some counterspells for more removal if you wanted (and I would do that if I were to play on ladder). 

Here are the cards that I believe we should consider from the new set:

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