Dissecting Magic World Championship XXVII Results For This Weekend’s Standard Arena Open

MTG World Championship XXVII has shifted Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Standard yet again. Brad Nelson breaks down the post-Worlds metagame and shares his latest lists.

Unexpected Windfall, illustrated by Alayna Danner

The dust has settled and Yuta Takashi has been crowned the 27th Magic world champion!


Acquiring this title was no easy feat for the Japanese all-star as he started the tournament off with an 0-3 draft, leaving him zero wiggle room for the rest of the event. With tight play, Yuta did the unimaginable and won eleven Standard matches in a row before the other fifteen competitors were officially eliminated. A truly impressive showing by one of the most inspiring players in the game. 

Oh, and he did it with a deck the rest of the community wrote off...

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