WotC Reveals 2020’s Silver-Bordered Holiday Card

Newest silver-border promo Topdeck the Halls more than a decoration.

Topdeck the Halls, illustrated by Kieran Yanner

The Magic: The Gathering Twitter account unveiled this year’s holiday promo card on earlier this week — Topdeck the Halls!

2020’s special card that Wizards and WPN stores around the world will receive is a new enchantment, introducing the decorate mechanic. Check it out below, along with its artwork from Kieran Yanner.

Topdeck the Halls will play great in blinged out cubes or casual decks, giving your promo cards, foils, and alternate art or framed cards miracle. On top of that bonus, if you can put twelve decorated cards on the battlefield and untap, you’ll win the game.

Last year’s holiday card was Decorated Knight, which as a promo and foil card, already plays into the decorate theme along with the previous holiday cards. The tradition of giving out holiday cards to stores, internal teams, and community members started in 2006 with Fruitcake Elemental.