WotC Provides Inside Look At Commander Legends

Get an inside look at the mechanics, frames, and formats of the upcoming set Commander Legends!

Sengir, the Dark Baron illustrated by Bastien L.Deharme

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has provided an inside look at the upcoming set Commander Legends.

According to Gavin Verhey, Commander Legends is six years in the making, and has the opportunity to pull cards from planes all across the Magic Multiverse. Commander fans will also be excited to learn that while “…similar flavor-wise, mechanically the set is not Modern Horizons…” meaning it will be more akin to a normal Magic set, with three evergreen mechanics and one, unnamed, new one.

Additionally, the set is designed to support Limited Commander, as well as traditional Draft or Sealed. Plus, the set will contain plenty of cards that are worthy of being a Commander, as well as others that are more Limited-friendly.

How it Works

Each pack of Commander Legends contains 20 cards, each with two slots dedicated to legendary cards. Like traditional Draft, three packs total will be opened, however players will be selecting two cards per pick rather than one, in an effort to promote more unique and fun synergies.

Deviating further from Traditional Draft, players will select a Commander and build a 60-card deck based on the chosen Commander’s color identity, rather than the standard 40. The format also allows for player’s to Draft multiples of the same card, meaning the Commander singleton rule does not apply.

Your deck will need a Commander that locks in its color identity for deck building, your life total is 40, and there’s Commander damage, and all additional Commander rules are still in play . . . with one exception.

Lastly, drafting Commander Legends will introduce monocolored Partners, meaning one could “draft a red partner and still easily find a monocolor partner of a different color to pivot into — while keeping your red color alive.”

Commander Legends Variants

Similar to other recent sets, Commander Legends will have Collector Boosters in addition to normal Draft Boosters, and will feature several different art variants. Important to note as well, Commander Legends will not have Set Boosters.

Extended Arts

According to Verhey, each Collector Booster pack, in addition to the normal extended-art rare or mythic rare, is an “extended-art common or uncommon of a selection of cards”, all of which appear normally within the set.

Foil Etched

New with Commander Legends is the Foil Etched frame. All of the set’s 71 legends will be available in this frame, as well as “32 popular legendary creatures not otherwise in Commander Legends“.

Unlike the foils of the past, the new foiling process focuses more on the frame rather than the art of the card. Foil Etched cards can also be opened in regular Draft Boosters, as well as in Collector Boosters.

The details of the foiling can be better seen in the video below:

Enemy Crowd Lands

The fan-favorite Crowd lands return, this time in enemy colors. The lands feature artwork based on their plane of origin (Kylem) from the set Battlebonds. The Crowd lands will be included in the standard frame in regular booster packs, but are also available in the extended-art frame via the Collector Boosters.

Commander Legends contains 165 new cards (361 cards total) and is to be expected to be “…more expensive than a normal booster, but not as expensive as Masters product.”

Commander Legends is reportedly scheduled to release on November 6, 2020 and will also be draftable via Magic Online.

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