WotC Lifts Suspension Of Austin Bursavich

Bursavich cleared to play Magic after investigation into his disclosure of confidential information.

Grand Prix Dallas winner Austin Bursavich

Grand Prix Dallas champion Austin Bursavich’s suspension from Magic was lifted yesterday and his Magic Online (MTGO) and Magic Arena accounts were reactivated, clearing him to participate in competitive play.

Bursavich was suspended indefinitely on May 24 for failing to cooperate in a Wizards of the Coast (WotC) investigation after leaking changes to Magic’s Organized Play (OP) on Twitter earlier that month. The Mythic Championship VI Top 8 competitor appealed the suspension that night and proceeded to send multiple emails for more information and updates on his appeal process spanning the following weeks. Ten days after he appealed, Bursavich sent another asking for feedback and noting that friends reaching out on his behalf had received replies.

Six days after that email, Bursavich sent another one attempting to resolve things, tagging multiple WotC employees he knew personally hoping they’d reach out or talk to someone. The following day he sent an email to Hasbro support and CEO Brian Goldner, detailing the circumstances behind his suspension and how he felt WotC handled it.

Bursavich heard nothing back for 20 days until he received an email from a support rep at WotC on Sunday stating, “We have completed our current investigation in regard to the unauthorized disclosure of confidential information. As a result, your suspension has been lifted, your accounts have been reactivated and you are immediately eligible to participate in competitive play.”

WotC then followed up with more emails confirming Bursavich was cleared to play in this weekend’s Players Tour and Mythic Qualifier events along with a message telling him his stocked Arena account was also being set up. Despite his suspension coming from a failure to cooperate in a WotC investigation, Bursavich said he didn’t provide any details on where he got the information he originally leaked. While he was disappointed he missed out on the Arena Open and the first weekend of the Players Tour Online events, he said he was glad they pushed through and notified him of the lifting of his suspension in time for this weekend.

“It is impossible for me to say why (WotC lifted it) or how they did it, but they went above what they had to do to unban me,” Bursavich said. “I don’t think they timed it like this for any reason, but it’s nice they did. Maybe they looked at it on Monday and decided it was time to do something or maybe it was the CEO or someone else I tagged in an email — I don’t know.”

Even though the Mythic points he earned last year making Top 8 of Mythic Championship VI and Players Tour Phoenix were wiped with the OP announcement in May, Bursavich still plans to play both events this week, potentially double queuing in the Players Tour and Mythic Qualifier. While he doesn’t know if he’s going to chase the dream of professional Magic, he is still going to give the events his all as he’s already qualified for the Players Tour Finals in July.

“It’s hard to quit when you are on a streak and winning a lot,” Bursavich said. “You never know what or how (organized play) will change anymore, so I am going to play everything I am qualified for and see.”