WotC Announces Release Promo For Time Spiral Remastered

Lotus Bloom leads the way for the release of Time Spiral Remastered

Lotus Bloom, illustrated by Mark Zug

At 12:01am PT, the Magic: The Gathering Twitter account unveiled release promo of Time Spiral Remastered — Lotus Bloom!

Perhaps the most impactful card with the suspend mechanic in Magic’s history, this will be the fourth printing of Lotus Bloom, with the others being found in Time Spiral, Modern Masters: 2013 Edition, and late last year in The List.

Much else isn’t know about Time Spiral Remastered at this time. Beyond the newly released information earlier today, WotC has stated that “Time Spiral Remastered is a new way to experience the Time Spiral block — Time SpiralPlanar Chaos, and Future Sight. It will feature fan favorites from all three sets, distilled into one draft experience”