WotC Announces Kaldheim Delays For Australia And New Zealand

Select Kaldheim products and prerelease events have been delayed in Australia and New Zealand.

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has announced that due to shipping issues, select Kaldheim products and prerelease events in Australia and New Zealand have been delayed.

Stemming from shipping delays over the holiday season, the prerelease events scheduled for January 29 in Australia have been pushed back to February 5 and will run in conjunction with the set’s official release. Note that these delays will not be affecting New Zealand prelease events, which will run as planned the weekend of January 29.

In addition to the prerelease, the launch of Kaldheim Collector boosters, Theme boosters, and Bundles has been pushed back to “sometime in February” in both Australia and New Zealand.

WotC plans to provide additional information on the product delays as it becomes available.

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