Wong, Temur Crashcade, Wins 2021 Hunter Burton Memorial Open

Wong wins seventh-annual Hunter Burton Memorial Open with Temur Crashcade.

Violent Outburst, illustrated by Richard Whitters

Gary Wong won the 2021 Hunter Burton Memorial Open with Temur Crashcade on Sunday. The Modern tournament was one of the first large-scale tabletop events since the COVID-19 pandemic with more than 500 players showing up to support charity and spread suicide awareness.

The seventh-annual event played host to a number of tournaments, including the Modern main event. The two-day, 13-round tournament aired on Twitch, allowing viewers a rare opportunity to see many new decks and cards in paper play for the first time.

Wong went 11-1-1 in the Swiss to enter the Top 8 as the No. 1 seed. Wong rattled off three more wins with Temur Crashcade, including the finals win against Christian Castro on Four-Color Crashcade to take home the first-place prize of $1,800.

Other notable players in the Top 8 include 2019 SCG Tour Invitational champion Collin Rountree with Mono-White Hammer (Lurrus) and popular stream Evart Moughon on Grixis Death’s Shadow (Lurrus).

View the Top 8 decklists and see standings after the Swiss.