Wizards of the Coast Cuts Ties With Noah Bradley

Wizards of the Coast has announced they are cutting ties with Noah Bradley.

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has announced they are cutting all ties with former Magic: The Gathering artist, Noah Bradley.

Over this past weekend, Bradley released a statement on Twitter admitting to his past of predatory behavior towards women. Bradley also admitted to pressuring women into sex at industry events.

According to WotC, Bradley’s actions “do not reflect the values of Wizards nor the Magic community…” and will therefore be “…cutting ties with Noah—we will no longer commission artwork from him, and we will remove reprints of his work from our products”

While WotC has quickly taken steps to distance themselves from Bradley, they also stated that due to the “long timeframe between commissioning art, the manufacturing of printed products, and that product being available for purchase…” some of Bradley’s artwork will “…appear in products still scheduled to be released.”

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