Weekly MTG Previews Welcoming Vampire And Seven Commander Set Booster Cards From Innistrad: Crimson Vow

Weekly show unveils new Commander cards, including cycle of creatures with soulbound.

Blake Rasmussen was joined by Corey Bowen, set designer for the Commander decks for Innistrad: Crimson Vow, on Weekly MTG to show off the Commander Set Booster cards and preview a Vampire from the main set — Welcoming Vampire!

The duo kicked things off with a rare from the main set which happens to be a white creature that can you draw you extra cards.

Welcoming Vampire is 2/3 flyer for three that calls back to Mentor of the Meek. Each turn you can draw a card if another creature with power two or less entered the battlefield this turn. Welcoming Vampire also received the Fang treatment.

The other seven cards they previewed on the show were the Commander-specific Set Booster cards. First up is a five-card cycle that brings back soulbound across all colors.

Hollowhenge Overlord is a great card to slot into a Wolf or Werewolf Commander deck. Check out the six-mana flash Wolf.

Every upkeep you get to generate a bunch of tokens depending on how many Wolf and Werewolf creatures you control. The card doesn’t care if the creatures are tokens either, so prepare to roll with your pack and bring plenty of tokens.

Lastly, check out a new Nightmare Horror.

Umbris, Fear Manifest is a different take on mill-matters Commander cards, but has a twist with it caring about exiling cards. Umbris gets to exile cards from opponents’ decks whenever it or another Nightmare or Horror enters the battlefield. The more you can exile from opponents the larger Umbris can grow.

What do you think of Welcoming Vampire and all the Commander Set Booster cards? Which soulbound creature do you see yourself playing first?

Innistrad: Crimson Vow is currently scheduled for release on November 19. View our official preview gallery.