Weekly MTG Previews Gates Of Istfell From Kaldheim

Weekly MTG unveils Gates of Istfell and all the art for Secret Lair Ultimate Edition 2.

Timbercrown Pathway, illustrated by Piotr Dura

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and Weekly MTG, check out the last uncommon utility land from Kaldheim — Gates of Istfell!

The cycle of ten uncommons with multicolor activation costs for each tribe continued to be rolled out with the perfect land for control players.

Gates of Istfell enters the battlefield tapped just like the others and this one taps for white mana. If you play it in an Azorius deck, you get to take advantage of its ability.

2WUU, T, Sacrifice Gates of Istfell: You gain 2 life and draw two cards.

It’s like a Cloudblazer on a land!

While Azorius decks have a plethora of nonbasic lands to choose from with options like the Castles from Throne of Eldraine, the cycling Triomes from Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths, and the modal DFCs from Zendikar Rising, Gates of Istfell gives control players even more options.

The Weekly MTG squad started the show by unveiling all ten Pathway lands from Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition 2. They also announced its release date of May 7*. More details are still to come, including price but check out all the art below:

*Editors note: The release date for this product has been changed from March 5 to May 7.

Kaldheim is currently scheduled to release on February 5. You can check out our official Kaldheim Preview Gallery here.