Weekly MTG Introduces Community Team

Community team discusses how best to convey feedback.

Feedback, illustrated by Quinton Hoover

Blake Rasmussen brought the communication and community team on Weekly MTG to discuss how they work and interact with Magic players and fans.

Rasmussen started the show by stating the Banned & Restricted List update will drop on Monday, banning Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath in at least Modern, Pioneer, and Historic. From there, he introduced all the members of the community team and allowed them to talk about their roles on the team and how they found their roles.

Community Team Members:

  • Athena Froehlic: Table top community manger, Magic Esports Twitter account, involved with organized play
  • Brandon Oreiro: Digital games, MTG Arena Twitter account
  • Megan O’Malley: Community manager for digital Magic, works with the other members of the team with all things Arena-related, MTG Arena Twitter account
  • Adam Styborski : Facilitator, writer, and helps produce written content
  • Chris Peeler: Table top communications and play, most social media accounts, Magic story, Daily MTG, on Reddit for the community team

Their discussion revolved around ways to better communicate with members of the community team and to get your feedback heard. They stressed that while shouting angrily into the void can be helpful for stress relief, it doesn’t help promote a conversation or often lead to great feedback.

It is important to direct feedback to the correct channels by making sure information is being given to proper Twitter accounts. Spamming feedback to all channels and conversations might not be as effective as pointing the feedback to the exact channel with plenty of details. Criticism will be handled better when it is given with the most information and specificity.

Lastly, just because feedback isn’t replied to immediately doesn’t mean it is going unheard.