Good Morning Magic Shows Off 2021 Challenger Decks

Check out the four new Challenger Decks.

Bonecrusher Giant, illustrated by Victor Adame Minguez

Gavin Verhey introduced the four new Challenger Decks for 2021 on today’s episode of Good Morning Magic.

Challenger Decks are 60-card decks with fifteen-card sideboards, modeled after top Standard decks that are perfect to pick up and play out of the box. In the video, Verhey shows off the new eco-friendly packaging that still works as a deck box while unboxing all four. The decks for this year are: Mono-Green Stompy, Azorius Control, Mono-Red Aggro, and Dimir Rogues. The decks come out on March 26.

Check out the full decklists for all four below:

Previous Challenger Decks have retailed for around $25. Both multicolor decks pack a playset of the desired Temple, while the mono-colored decks have a pair of the mythic rare modal DFCs.

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