Van Hoorn, Mono-Black Aggro❄, Wins Historic Hooglandia Open

Rene van Hoorn wins Hooglandia Open with Mono-Black Aggro❄.

Spawn of Mayhem illustrated by Victor Adame Minguez

Rene van Hoorn won the Historic Hooglandia Open on Sunday with Mono-Black Aggro❄.

Van Hoorn went 10-1 in the double-elimination tournament, with their only loss coming in Round 7 to wannabebeatle on Gruul Aggro. Van Hoorn got to avenge the loss, taking down wannabebeatle in the final match 2-0 to claim the title. Mono-Black Aggro❄ took three of the Top 8 slots as the only deck in the Top 8 with multiple copies.

The Hooglandia Open was one of the first Historic events with the inclusion of Historic Anthology 5 legal. Van Hoorn didn’t play any new cards from the expansion, but wannabebeatle played four copies of Atarka’s Command in Gruul Aggro.

The only other deck in the Top 8 to play a card from Historic Anthology 5 was Ashkan Paykar on Rakdos Arcanist (Lurrus) opting for two copies of Kolaghan’s Command.

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