Tolarian Community College Raises Over $120,000 For Trans Lifeline

The Professor raises over $120,000 for Trans Lifeline!

Editors note: This article has been updated since its original posting to reflect the increase in total amount raised (70K to 120K).

The Professor, host of the popular Magic: The Gathering YouTube channel Tolarian Community College, has raised over $120,000 during a fundraiser for Trans Lifeline.

Thanks to nearly 3,000 independent donors, the original goal of $20,000 was quickly eclipsed and according to Reddit user /u/KungFuExpress, continues to grow at a rate of “…about $3,000 per hour.”

Shortly after the fundraiser began, waves of support from the Magic Twitter community poured in, with many offering to contribute cards and sealed product from their own collections as donation incentives.

The recipient of these donations, Trans Lifeline, helps to provide “culturally competent services to Trans and gender nonconforming people in crisis” and strives to empower Trans people in “the darkest moments of their lives.”

Donate to Tolarian Community College’s Fundraiser.