Good Morning Magic Previews Proliferate Cube

Emma Handy details how she curated new Magic Online cube.

Goblin Bomb, illustrated by Ron Spencer

Gavin Verhey brings on Emma Handy to talk about her Magic Online proliferate cube on today’s episode of Good Morning Magic.

They start the episode with Handy talking about her MTG experience and plans for this weekend’s Grand Finals. Then she discussed how she helped design the Chulane, Teller of Tales Brawl preconstructed deck.

Chulane, Teller of Tales

As part of the Magic Online Designer Spotlight Cube Series, Handy’s proliferate cube launches next Wednesday. Her goal with the cube was wanting an experience where there is a lot going on on the battlefield and the complexity of the games tests players with some lower power level cards. It also allows players to play with cards they might have never used before with tons of unique scenarios.

The cube has a variety of archetypes that show up in cubes, but have a twist to play into the proliferate shenanigans. Green has some traditional ramp elements, but payoffs revolve around Hydras and cards that pile up the +1/+1 counters. Black has a sacrifice theme with undying and persist where the ability to move counters allows players to reset those abilities. And red has an aggressive burn strategy, but still plays with cards with counters.

Goblin Bomb

The full cube card list will go live when the spotlight article goes up on Daily MTG.