Temur Battle Rage Gets Timeshifted In Time Spiral Remastered

One of Magic’s strongest combat tricks returns with a timeshifted border in Time Spiral Remastered!

Temur Battle Rage, Illustrated by Jaime Jones

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and Luca Van Deun, one of Magic’s most popular combat tricks returns with a timeshifted frame in Time Spiral Remastered — Temur Battle Rage!

First printed in Fate Reforged, Temur Battle Rage was a popular combat trick during Fate Reforged Limited before finding a more permanent home in Modern Death’s Shadow decks. Temur Battle Rage has been printed four times, with the fifth coming in Time Spiral Remastered.

Previewed alongside Temur Battle Rage were a slew of popular red Slivers: Sedge Sliver, Fury Sliver, Bonesplitter Sliver, Homing Sliver, Battering Sliverer, and Two-Headed Sliver.

Time Spiral Remastered is currently scheduled to release on March 19, 2021. You can check out our official Time Spiral Remastered preview gallery here.