Syed, Grixis Tainted Pact, Wins Historic Hooglandia Open

Zan Syed wins Hooglandia Open with Grixis Tainted Pact.

Tainted Pact, illustrated by Benjamin Ex

Zan Syed won the Historic Hooglandia Open on Saturday with Grixis Tainted Pact.

Syed won the double-elimination tournament by rattling off seven straight wins after losing in the third round, including defeating Mat Bimonte on Orzhov Death’s Shadow twice in the finals to claim the title. Bimonte had reached the finals with a 7-0 run, but couldn’t put together the pressure and disruption needed to take down Syed’s version of Grixis Tainted Pact.

Syed was one of three Tainted Pact players in the Top 8 while the 79-person event had six Tainted Pact decks in total. Joe Andrees finished in third place with Jeskai Control (Yorion). The Top 8 was rounded out with one copy of Gruul Aggro, Izzet Aggro, and Dimir Rogues (Lurrus).

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