Good Morning Magic Details Urza’s Saga

Learn more about the wackiest card previewed from Modern Horizons 2.

Urza’s Saga illustrated by Titus Lunter

Gavin Verhey devoted today’s episode of Good Morning Magic to the new Modern Horizons 2 card, Urza’s Saga.

Verhey goes over everything going on with the new saga, starting with it being the first enchantment land in black border. It will count toward your land drop for the turn and make colorless mana. The second chapter allows you to make Construct tokens just like Urza, Lord High Artificer from Modern Horizons and Karn, Scion of Urza from Dominaria. The third chapter captures the feel of the Urza block, letting you put an artifact directly onto the battlefield

Verhey covers the important difference in the wording of the third chapter referencing mana cost 0 or 1 and not mana value, which was just introduced in Strixhaven. Mana value replaces converted mana cost, but mana cost is literal, the card has to cost one or zero so it can’t get something like Lotus Bloom or Engineered Explosives.

Urza’s Saga was meant to be an enchantment block, but is now known as an artifact block, so the new card is a great callback to that. Verhey then breaks down the three layers of the art and what they all mean while showing the art description for the card.

Verhey notes there are many Easter eggs in the art and shows the Weatherlight in the bottom right. How many other references can you find in the art?