Strixhaven Championship Details Unveiled

Learn more about the upcoming Strixhaven Championship.

Details for the Strixhaven Championship invitees, including dates, deadlines, and formats were revealed today on Magic.gg.

The Strixhaven Championship takes place on June 4-6 on MTG Arena and will have a prize pool of $250,000. Standard and Historic will be on display with Standard decklist submissions due on May 26 at 11:59 pm PT and Historic lists due on May 31 at 11:59 pm PT.

The Strixhaven Championship is an invite-only event. Invited players include:

  • MPL and Rivals League Members
  • Players that earned seven (7) match wins on Day Two of a single Strixhaven Qualifier Weekend
  • Strixhaven Championship Magic Online Qualifier winners
  • Top 2 players from each Strixhaven Championship Magic Online Super Qualifier
  • Winners of the 2020 Season 2 & 2020 Season 3 Magic Online Champions Showcases
  • Players qualified for the 2021 Season 1 Magic Online Champions Showcase
  • The Top 16 Challengers (non-league competitors) from the Kaldheim Championship
  • Any discretionary invites or pass-down invitations from events

Day 1 of the event will include three rounds of Historic followed by four rounds of Standard with players reaching four wins or more moving on to Day 2. Day 2 will have four more rounds of Historic and four more rounds of Standard. Players reaching twelve (12) wins will be locked for the Top 8 with the rest of the Top 8 coming down to standings after the final round of Swiss. Day 3 will include a double-elimination playoff bracket using Historic. The championship match will be best two-of-three matches.

All invited players will receive fully-loaded MTG Arena accounts prior to the event.

The Strixhaven Championship invitation list is available here.

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