Recently Pulled Beta Black Lotus Receives High Grade From Beckett

Recently pulled Beta Black Lotus gets a nice grading!

Black Lotus, illustrated by Christopher Rush

The recently pulled Black Lotus from an unopened pack of Beta has received an official grading of 8.5 from Beckett Grading Services.

In a since mod-removed post to the MagicTCG subreddit, u/veritesq shared the following image with the title “I’m the guy who accidentally pulled a Black Lotus from a Beta booster… Just got it back from Beckett! Surface indentation under ‘Black’ knocked it down a bit, but still super psyched!”

While worth significantly less than its Alpha counterpart, a Beta Black Lotus is still one the most expensive cards in the game, and similarly graded Black Lotus are being sold for over $40,000.

When initially posted, the community expressed their skepticism, pointing out that the pack showed signs of already being heavily searched. Despite these claims, many users were captivated by the fantastical tale, and were pleased when the final update provided a fitting conclusion to arguably the best pull story of the decade.

The original threads have been deleted, however you can read through them here: