Simic Gets Flashback Cloning Spell In Croaking Counterpart In Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

Could this new cloning spell from Midnight Hunt be one of the best of all time?

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and John Roberts, take a look at this unique spell from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt — Croaking Counterpart!

Create a token that’s a copy of target non-Frog creature, except it’s a 1/1 green Frog.

Flashback 3UG

Cloning spells are a familiar sight among long-time Magic players, but Croaking Counterpart is likely to raise a few eyebrows. First off, it appears in Simic colors, which is somewhat rare as most clone spells are mono-blue. Next, the only restriction is being unable to copy Frog creatures, which is hardly a setback, especially in Standard. Most importantly however, it has flashback, allowing you to cast it from the graveyard and potentially double up on the value.

So what do you think of Croaking Counterpart? Could this be one of the best cloning spells every printed? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt is currently scheduled for release on September 24. View our official preview gallery.