Schedule Of MPL, Rivals Gauntlets Changed Day Before Start

End of season MTG tournaments delayed a day due to MTG Arena problems.

The Magic Esports Twitter account announced today that the MPL and Rivals Gauntlet tournaments will be moved back a day following MTG Arena maintenance and downtime to “ensure the stability” of the events.

MTG Arena has had many issues following the backend update that took most of last Tuesday to install and will have to re-enter downtime tomorrow to address the problems. The downtime to correct the errors from last week’s update was originally scheduled for today, but was pushed back which is causing the start of the Gauntlets to be moved back a day. The adjusting of the schedules for the events are to help the integrity of the Gauntlets that are played on the client.

The events are the most important tournaments for MPL and Rivals members of the year, outside of the World Championship, and were originally scheduled to play out over four days from September 2 – 5. Now the tournaments will start on Friday and condense two days into one, making players complete nine rounds on Friday starting at noon ET/9 AM PT. While the schedule change makes Friday even more grueling than before, it is compounded for players not in the United States.

Players in the MPL and Rivals Gauntlets have a chance to requalify for the leagues next year and qualify for the World Championship. The events had already undergone changes when the format was switched from Standard and Historic to just Standard after the delay in the release of Jumpstart: Historic Horizons on MTG Arena.

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