Rosewater Details The Making Of Double Masters

Mark Rosewater gives a look into the design of Double Masters and previews two cards!

Magic: The Gathering Lead Designer, Mark Rosewater, has provided two preview cards and a look into the planning and design of Double Masters.

After stating back in 2018 that they would be “shelving the Masters series for the foreseeable future…”, the need for a product to take the place of Commander Legends (which was delayed for unknown reasons) arose, and according to Rosewater, it was Double Masters that was moved up to take its place.

Despite attempts early on to rework Double Masters to be less like a Masters set, it was later determined that the preexisting marketing for Masters sets would resonate better with the community and be a better product overall.

There were numerous jokes made about the “foreseeable future,” but we decided it was better to make the right product than a tweaked version simply to avoid a little ridicule online.


Delving further into Double Masters, Rosewater previewed two cards from the set, Boon Reflection and Thought Reflection, two cards which fit the “double” theme of the set perfectly.

Further elaborating on the set’s “double” theme, Rosewater explains that when in development, the design team wanted to find ways to include the theme — ultimately deciding that the product would feature two box toppers, as well as allowing players to take two first picks when being drafted.

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