Jace, the Mind Sculptor Gets Showcase Frame In Double Masters

One of Magic’s most prolific planeswalkers returns in Double Masters with a sweet showcase frame.

Jace the Mind Sculptor illustrated by Jason Chan

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC), an old classic returns in Double Masters sporting a fancy new frame. Looking good, Jace!

Originally printed as the sole planeswalker in Worldwake, Jace the Mind Sculptor was the first planeswalker to have four abilities, and despite Magic sets in recent years printing multiple planeswalkers per set, Jace is still considered by many to be the best planeswalker in Magic history.

While having been reprinted several times over the years, Jace the Mind Sculptor remains one of the most expensive and sought-after planeswalkers in the game. His appearance in Double Masters and new Showcase frame will likely only add to his ongoing legacy.

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