Red Gets Unique Wheel of Fortune Effect In Commander Legends

Players must win a game before getting to spin this wheel.

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and Gamebar Lotus, check out red’s latest Wheel of Fortune effect from Commander Legends — Wheel of Misfortune!

The latest take on Wheel of Fortune, Wheel of Misfortune makes all players play a risky game to take a spin. Check out the new sorcery below along with its showcase frame and a rough translation.

Each player secretly chooses a number. Then reveal those numbers. Wheel of Misfortune deals damage equal to the greatest number chosen to the players that chose it. Then each player who didn’t choose the minimum number discards their hand, and draws seven cards.

Players in a Commander game can jockey to attempt to get a new hand. It seems that if a player doesn’t want to exchange their hand they can bid zero, but players that do will have to put up some amount of life. All players that didn’t have the lowest number get to draw a new hand, but only the player with the highest bid takes damage.

What do you think about the newest variant on the classic red sorcery? How much are you willing to risk for a new hand? Let us know in the comments below!