Rakdos Sacrifice and Bant Ramp Dominate April 2020 Mythic Point Challenge

Rakdos, Bant, and more dominate April’s Mythic Challenge!

The latest Mythic Point Challenge on Magic: the Gathering Arena was held this past weekend and the 10-win decklists have been published. Two decks dominated the field as Rakdos Sacrifice and Bant Ramp each scored eight players a 10-win record.

Ramp, in general, was the big winner, as sixteen different Ramp decks hit ten wins, though if you include Temur Reclamation (which also leverages Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath and Growth Spiral) that total goes to exactly half the field of winners.

The metagame breakdown of the 10-win decks can be seen in full below.

Rakdos Sacrifice 8
Bant Ramp8
Simic Ramp 6
Temur Reclamation4
Azorius Control3
Mono-Red Aggro 2
Jeskai Fires2
Temur Adventures2
Azorius Blink1
Rakdos Knights1
Simic Flash1
Temur Ramp1
Sultai Ramp1

After you get past Rakdos Sacrifice and the mess of Growth Spiral-based decks, there are only four other decks that had multiple players hit ten wins. Azorius Control, the top deck of the format in Week 1, clocked in with three copies, while Mono-Red Aggro, Jeskai Fires,and Temur Adventures each had two players go all the way.

The three remaining non-ramp one-of decks were Simic Flash, Azorius Blink, and Rakdos Knights.

While Simic Flash is another green and blue deck, it draws its power from cards not named Uro and Growth Spiral, Ninjor’s build of Simic Flash varied from the one Seth Manfield, Javier Dominquez, and Brad Nelson popularized at Mythic Championship VII, opting for Brineborn Cutthroat, Spectral Sailor, and Wildborn Preserver instead.

Azorius Blink is the lone true brew from the field of 10-match winners, taking advantage of Thassa, Deep-Dwelling in combination with creatures like Agent of Treachery, Elite Guardmage, Charming Prince, and Fblthp, the Lost. Outside of the value blink shenanigans, it’s still an Azorius-based deck utilizing Teferi, Time Raveler, Elspeth Conquers Death, and Time Wipe.

Lastly, Rakdos Knights is the only other aggressive deck to go alongside Mono-Red Aggro. The Knight tribal deck leverages non-Knights like Dreadhorde Butcher, Gutterbones, Robber of the Rich, and Rotting Regisaur in conjunction with Embercleave to get the opponent dead as soon as possible. The deck runs no removal in the maindeck, with its only other spell being Drill Bit.

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