Pokorny, Jeskai Indomitable Creativity, Wins Insight Esports Historic Open

Tomas Pokorny takes down the Insight Esports Historic Open with Jeskai Indomitable Creativity.

Mizzix’s Mastery, illustrated by Dan Scott

Tomas Pokorny won the Insight Esports Historic Open with Jeskai Indomitable Creativity on Saturday.

Pokorny went 10-1 to win the double-elimination event and take home the $1,250 first-place prize with the now top deck in Historic. As the deck dominated the Strixhaven Championship over the weekend as well, the top three finishers in the Insight Esports Historic Open also played the deck. Pokorny’s lone loss came in Round 5 to Gustavo Garcia on Mono-Red Aggro❄, but won out from there, including wins over the other two top finishers with Jeskai Indomitable Creativity and a win over Sandydogmtg on Gruul Aggro.

The rest of the Top 8 decks were two copies of Izzet Phoenix, Mono-Black Aggro❄ and Mono-Red Aggro❄. Jeskai Indomitable Creativity was the most played deck in the field with 28 of the 109 players opting for the powerful combo deck fueled by many of the Mystical Archive additions to the format. The deck put up an almost 60% win rate as the most-played deck in the event. Jeskai Control was the second most popular deck and couldn’t crack a 35% win rate.

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