Non-Premium Articles Return to SCG!

Star City Games also adds several podcasts to its Magic The Gathering content offerings.

Island (Core Set 2021), illustrated art by Jonas De Ro

When we launched our new website back in 2019, it included a number of content-related changes; the goal of which was to offer additional value to both our non-Premium and Premium members. To try and accomplish this, we moved a small number of our non-Premium creators (whose text-based articles were consistently fantastic) over to the Premium side of the site, and introduced a daily Magic: The Gathering News section in which we began publishing far more free-to-access content than what we had been previously been publishing from the now Premium creators. We also increased the number of video programs published on the site, all of which remained free to access. At that point, we were now providing more content than ever before to both our non-Premium and Premium members, and had accomplished our goal.

Sort of.

While our daily Magic: The Gathering News section has proven to be incredibly popular, many fans who had previously visited our site specifically to read a couple of non-Premium articles each day have let us know that they no longer do. And when we’ve pointed out that we were now publishing more free to access content than ever before, their responses have almost always been something along the lines of, “Sure, but if I don’t have a Premium membership, and want to read articles, you’re not publishing anything for me.”

And they were right.

Although we were now publishing more free-to-access content than we ever had before, we clearly weren’t providing many fans with free-to-access content that interested them. In hindsight, I realized that this was a mistake on my part.

As of today, it’s a mistake that has been fixed. 

Don’t worry. We’re still going to be reporting all of the latest Magic: The Gathering News, working to offer even more value to our Premium members, and continuing to expand our schedule of video programs.

But starting today, our content offerings now also include several podcasts including The Resleevables with Cedric Phillips and Patrick Sullivan and The 540 with Justin Parnell and Ryan Overturf, and the return of free-to-access text-based articles!

Enjoy. <3

And as always, thank you for your continued support of Star City Games.