MTG Arena Addresses Bugs and Missing Store Purchases

Check out the updates and new events coming soon to MTG Arena!

Access Tunnel illustrated by Alayna Danner

As part of their weekly updates article, Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has announced some bug fixes, addressed missing store purchases, and added more upcoming events to the schedule.

Bug Fixes

  • The sideboard is viewable when appropriate in Best-of-One matches
  • The rewards bar and social button on the Home scene are now visible, even if you have no pending quests
  • Strixhaven college sleeves are no longer appearing as the backs of Magic cards

To help players effected by issues with the store last week, the MTG Arena Twitter account offered a code to get two free levels for their Mastery Pass. Use “RestorativeBurst” to redeem the free levels in the store.

Missing Rares?

When opening packs of Strixhaven, you always get a rare from Strixhaven and a card from the Mystical Archive. Sometimes players will not see one of these cards, particularly if packs are opened ten at a time, but the cards will be in the player’s collection.

Missing Store Purchases Repalced

Some players did not receive their store purchases or rewards when Strixhaven released on Thursday, April 15. Affected players can expect these to be granted to their accounts by the end of this week.

MrBeast Comes To FNM At Home

To celebrate the launch of Strixhaven, FNM at Home returns this Friday with special guest MrBeast. The stakes will be a bit higher from 2 pm ET/11 am PT through 3 pm ET/noon PT, as two lucky players will win $25,000 just for playing a match against MrBeast. Check here for all the details.

Last Chance For Mobile Login Rewards

Players have until April 30 to login to MTG Arena on mobile to claim their Thopter pet.

Event Schedule

FNM At Home

  • April 23: New player preconstructed decks, featuring MrBeast
  • April 30: Standard

Strixhaven Launch Events

  • April 15: Until Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Release: Premier Draft
  • April 15–July 2021: Traditional Draft
  • April 15–May 8: Strixhaven Sealed
  • April 15–May 8: StrixhavenTraditional Sealed

Quick Draft

  • April 16–30: Kaldheim
  • April 30–May 14: Strixhaven

Arena Cube Draft

  • April 2–15: Best-of-One
  • April 2–15: Best-of-Three

More Events

  • April 24–27: Standard Megagame Challenge
  • May 1–4: Strixhaven Constructed
  • May 8–9: Sealed Strixhaven Arena Open

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