MrBeast Promo FNM At Home Event Offers Up $50,000 In Prizes

Two lucky players will win $25,000 for playing a match against famous YouTuber.

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) is paring up with famous YouTuber MrBeast for a special MTG Arena FNM at Home event where two lucky players will win $25,000 just for playing a match of Magic.

To celebrate the launch of Strixhaven, FNM at Home returns this Friday where players will battle with preconstructed decks. Typically the FNM at Home events reward rare or mythic ICRs, but this Friday the stakes will be a bit higher. From 2 pm ET/11 am PT through 3 pm ET/noon PT, two lucky players will win $25,000 just for playing a match against MrBeast.

Players need to complete their matches to be eligible, though you don’t even have to win against MrBeast to win one of the prizes. Players won’t know if they are playing against MrBeast at the time, so it is encouraged that players see their matches to a natural conclusion. Players that face MrBeast will receive an email to the address linked with their Arena account.

For full details and rules, particularly for which countries are and aren’t eligible, read the original article from Daily MTG.