Misprinted Secret Lair Signets Could Become MTG’s Next High-Dollar Collector’s Item

These misprinted Secret Lair foils could be MTG’s next treasure!

Golgari Signet, illustrated by Dan Frazier

Earlier this month, Wizards of the Coast (WotC) sent out exclusive crates containing upcoming Secret Lair drops to various prominent content creators and community members. After receiving these crates, recipients observed that the Dan Frazier Is Back: The Enemy Signets Foil Edition had a printing error — traditional foiling instead of foil etched.

After several recipients reported similar findings, the Secret Lair Twitter account released a statement confirming that these cards were indeed meant to be foil etched, rather than traditional foil, and that the error will be fixed ahead of the full release to the public.

While the error isn’t necessarily an issue, the “influencer signets” are being viewed negatively by the general community, since the average consumer won’t have any shot at getting them. This exclusivity has also lead many to speculate that they will quickly become very valuable collector’s items — worth roughly a “brazillian dollars.”

While the Magic community continues to speculate on the future of these rarities, some have already found creative and positive uses for them. including giveaways and auctions for charity. One such eBay auction, spear-headed by Magic Online grinder, Aspiringspike, already has a current bid of $1,633 with six days left to go and all proceeds going to the The Trevor Project.

So what do you think of these “influencer signets”? Will these become one of Magic’s most sought-after collector’s items? Let us know what you think in the comments!