Magic Online Adds Long-Awaited Commander Cards To Treasure Chests

Check out the updates and new events coming soon to Magic Online

Losheel, Clockwork Scholar, illustrated by Daniel Zrom

As part of an ongoing series of weekly changes, Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has announced the updates and changes for Week 3 of Adventures in the Forgotten Realms on Magic Online.

Treasure Chest Collation Update

Beginning Wednesday, July 28 cards from Commander (2021 Edition), Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Commander, and one card from Conspiracy: Take the Crown will be added to treasure chests. You can view the full list of added cards below.

Losheel, Clockwork Scholar Fain, the Broker Deekah, Fractal Theorist Klauth's Will Grim Hireling Fey Steed Radiant Solar Thorough Investigation Sefris of the Hidden Ways Underdark Rift Belt of Giant Strength Winged Boots Netherese Puzzle-Ward Sequence Engine Author of Shadows Gyome, Master Chef Crown-Hunter Hireling

Showcase Challenge Weekends

This weekend, players will be able to redeem 40 Qualifier Points (QPs) to enter the Magic Online Champions Showcase (MOCS) events. The MOCS are “linked events designed to highlight the best players on Magic Online each season, culminating in the Champions Showcase and its prize pool of $70,000 and a Set Championship invitation.”

Saturday, July 31Modern8 AM PT
Sunday, August 1Pioneer6 AM PT
Saturday, August 7Vintage10 AM PT
Sunday, August 8Legacy8 AM PT

Vintage Cube

Running for two weeks beginning July 21, the wildly popular Vintage Cube returns to Magic Online. You can view the cube’s full, updated contents here.

Cube Calendar

  • August 4: New Spotlight Cube Series.
  • August 11: New Spotlight Cube Series.
  • August 18: New Spotlight Cube Series.
  • August 25: Legacy Cube.

Modern Horizons 2 Leagues and Premier Play

The Sealed and Draft Leagues for Modern Horizons 2 are scheduled to run July 21 through the launch of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt (Thursday, September 9).

  • Increased entry options of 50 Event Tickets or 500 Play Points will be used for the two Modern Horizons 2 Super Qualifiers.
  • The QP entry option will remain at 40 for both Qualifiers and Super Qualifiers.

Modern Horizons 2 will be the Limited Preliminary set in place of Adventures in the Forgotten Realms and will cost 45 event tickets or 450 play points to enter.

July Super Qualifiers

Friday, July 302:00 PMPioneer Super QualifierPioneerUpcoming Championship on MTG Arena

Format Challenges

Format Challenges are scheduled to run every weekend for the foreseeable future and are the “first step to qualifying for Premier Play.” The schedule for upcoming Format Challenges can be found below:

12:00 AM Vintage Challenge
2:00 AMPauper Challenge 
4:00 AMLegacy ChallengeModern Challenge
6:00 AMStandard ChallengePioneer Challenge
8:00 AMModern ChallengeLegacy Challenge
10:00 AMVintage ChallengePauper Challenge
2:00 PMPioneer ChallengeStandard Challenge

Next Downtime

The next downtime is scheduled for September 8 at 9 AM through noon for the launch of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt.

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