Good Morning Magic Shows Off Commander Legends Playtest Cards

Check out initial card designs from Commander Legends.

Gavin Verhey used today’s episode of Good Morning Magic to show off some of his original playtest cards for Commander Legends and talk about what they changed throughout development.

Verhey showed off 27 playtest cards with the initial designs for cards that would change in varying ways from just their name to a complete revamp. Here are the cards Verhey touches on:

  • Profane Transfusion
  • Court of Cunning
  • Gor Muldrak
  • Amphinologist
  • Sakashima of a Thousand Faces
  • Sengir, the Dark Baron
  • Amphin Mutineer
  • Fyndhorn Elves
  • Obeka, Brute Chronologist
  • Hans Eriksson
  • Toggo, Goblin Weaponsmith
  • Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh
  • Tevesh Szat, Doom of Fools
  • Tormod, the Desecrator
  • Jared Carthalion, True Heir
  • Bell Borca, Spectral Sergeant
  • Halana, Kessig Ranger
  • Alena, Kessig Trapper
  • Belbe, Corrupted Observer
  • Liesa, Shroud of Dusk
  • Frenzied Saddlebrute
  • Nevinyrral, Urborg Tyrant
  • Explosion of Riches

Verhey also set the five two-color lands on the same plane as Battlebond and gave them names that were mash ups of words from those colors. They would all be changed.