Good Morning Magic Previews The Return Of Vows In Commander Legends

Cycle from 2011 returns in Commander Legends.

Vow of Flight, illustrated by Erica Yang

Today’s episode of Good Morning Magic previewed four returning uncommons in Commander Legends — the cycle of Vows!

The cycle of vows debuted in the original Commander precons in 2011 with each one granting a keyword and encouraging players to attack, just not the owner of the aura. While Commander Legends has plenty of monarch cards to keep the game going and players attacking, the vows are another way to do that while also allowing players to partake in some politics.

Vow of Duty Vow of Flight Vow of Lightning Vow of Wildness

Notably, the black vow is not returning because Vow of Malice granted a creature intimidate, which is no longer used. Instead, it will be replaced by a new card that will be previewed by the Commander Central Podcast later.

Gavin Verhey ended the episode by confirming he’ll be back every day next week with another video including more Commander Legends previews.